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ONE TIME OFFER: If you are a piano teacher and would like to, you can upgrade your COOL SONGS single use license to a lifetime studio license for an additional ONE TIME PAYMENT of $129.95 (if purchased without this bundle package it usually retails for $299.95). This upgrade will give you access to 22 of my PDF music books in addition to the COOL SONGS PDF bundle from the previous page. These are all of the PDF books you will receive (and each one will be a lifetime studio license): 1. Cool Songs for Cool Kids Primer Level, 2. Cool Songs for Cool Kids Book 1, 3. Cool Songs for Cool Kids Book 2, 4. Cool Songs for Cool Kids Book 3, 5. Cool Songs that ROCK, 6. Essential Piano Exercises, 7. The Dawn of a New Age, 8. Sweet Melancholy, 9. Ghosts and Goblins and Freaks and Ghouls, 10. Platinum, 11. Triumphant, 12. Hymns of Exaltation, 13. Sea Fever, 14. Jazzed about Jazz, 15. Jazzed about Christmas, 16. Jazzed about 4th of July, 17. Variations on Mary Had a Little Lamb, 18. An Introduction to Scales and Modes, 19. The Music Motivation Goal Book, 20. Jingle Those Bells, 21. Sand Castles, and 22. 100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know (play the same song 100 different ways). Between these 21 music books and the COOL SONGS bundle, you will have over 350 pieces to motivate your piano students in your studio. On my website each individual studio license is $59.95 per book, but you will receive all of the studio licenses for all of the COOL SONGS in addition to every book mentioned above. You can then print out all of the music from these books for the piano students in your studio. This is a lifetime studio license only licensed to you and your piano studio. If you purchased the studio licenses alone for each of these 22 books, you would spend $1,318.90 (if you purchased the studio licenses individually for $59.95 per book). This is an amazing savings by only paying $129.95 for everything - AGAIN THIS IS A ONE TIME PAYMENT for a lifetime studio license for the piano students in your piano studio).

“Jerald Simon is a brilliant musician, teacher, and performer, with a fascinating story to tell. If you’re interested in learning how to improvise or compose music, be sure to check out his books.”

Brandon Pearce - Owner, Music Teacher’s Helper, LLC
Get 163 COOL SONGS for only $49.95!
PDF books, MP3 minus tracks, and Video Piano Lessons taught by Jerald Simon
Testimonials from Piano Teachers and Music Educators
“Jerald Simon goes above and beyond in his program. Not only do you receive the sheet music and exercises, but you receive the background tracks and practice videos. The practice videos alone are worth its weight in gold as Jerald goes through and breaks down the pieces and exercises completely. It’s like getting a free mini lesson! Jerald also includes several tempos in his background tracks so students can build up to full tempo. Jerald truly knows what it means to set up students for success! The pieces and tracks are fun and motivating. I highly recommend participating in his Cool Songs Club. You won’t be disappointed.” – 

Jennifer Foxx (Piano Teacher and creator of the Music Educator Resources)
"Not only do you get 1 -2 songs per month to learn, but all of the "fixings" (supplements) to go with it!  Backing tracks, PDFs and also a step by step video going though each song.  Wow!  It's a great value for the price. I think students would enjoy playing these (cool) songs.  Teachers and students shouldn't think twice about learning about (Jerald's) compositions and letting themselves be inspired by his musical style.  Don't delay - jump in today!"

Jeff Willie - Piano Teacher 
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MOTIVATE PIANO STUDENTS WITH MUSIC MOTIVATION® - Jerald Simon created his company, Music Motivation®, to motivate music students of all ages with “Cool music that excites, entertains, and educates”The three main areas of focus for Music Motivation® are Theory Therapy, Innovative Improvisation, and Creative CompositionJerald’s primary Music Motivation® mission is to: Create fun, original piano music that is cool, exciting, entertaining, and educational to help motivate and inspire piano students – especially during their teenage years. The theme for Music Motivation® is: “Let music motivate you!” The slogan for Music Motivation® is: "Cool music that excites, entertains, and educates!" Join thousands of piano teachers and tens of thousands of piano students world wide who use COOL SONGS in their daily piano lessons each week to learn the FUNdamentals of music theory (emphasis is on the word FUN).

Products/Services: Jerald composes COOL SONGS every week for piano students. You can learn more about his COOL SONGS at this link: https://musicmotivation.com/coolsongs - You can visit his main website at this link: https://musicmotivation.com

Target audience/market: Piano Teachers, Piano Students (primarily teens and adults)

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