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Music Mentor Jerald Simon creates
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This is ideal for piano teachers, piano students and parents of piano students. Home school students love having an outline as well!
Here is what is included in every FREE monthly lesson plan...
Monthly Video Lessons
Jerald shares links to video lessons of his COOL SONGS from his COOL SONGS Series. Four video lessons are shared each month: 1. Beginning Level, 2. Early Intermediate Level, and 3. Intermediate - Advanced Level, and 4. A lesson on music theory, improvisation, and composing music on the piano! Jerald teaches his COOL SONGS and music theory the FUN way!

Watch these pre-recorded video lessons and learn music theory the FUN way. Jerald often refers to this as Piano FUNdamentals (emphasis on the word FUN). Jerald teaches COOL SONGS and shows students how to compose music of their own using music theory. Jerald often refers to this as the practical application of music theory (how to use music theory). These COOL SONGS are part of Jerald's COOL SONGS Series:
Learn about a New Composer
Jerald shares links to online resources where you can learn about a different composer every month (past and present). Composer quotes are included, as well as music history facts, and links to music they have composed. Jerald includes a short list of recommended pieces to learn by each composer as well.
Sneak Peek at Jerald's New Cool Songs
Jerald composes new COOL SONGS every week for the members of the COOL SONGS Club (a $6.95 per month subscription) and in this FREE monthly lesson plan, students and teachers receive links to the preview video, a fully orchestrated MP3 (piano and other instruments), and occasionally, Jerald provides a FREE preview sheet music to test out.
and more...
I will also send you my FREE 130 page PDF book:
"20 Ways to Motivate Teen Piano Students 
to Want to Play the Piano - the FUN way"!
This includes 20 Ideas to Motivate Teens Plus 30 FREE COOL SONGS (Piano Solos) by Jerald! 
FREE 130 Page PDF Book Resource for Piano Teachers & Parents.
Here is what is in this book:

✅ 20 ideas, tips, suggestions, and FUN ways to motivate and              inspire piano students to want to play the piano - especially written about and for teenagers

✅ Getting Started with Jazz Improvisation

✅ The 7 Markers of Musical Success (an easy way to help students learn to identify notes on the staff)

✅ An intro to key signatures and the circle of 5ths

✅ Not Your Grandmother's Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star variations

✅ Having FUN with the ii-V-I Jazz Chord Progression

✅ Learn to play the Blues Pentascales (learn how to play it in all keys)

✅ The sheet music to 30 FREE COOL SONGS I have composed

✅ The “Music Composing Idea Worksheet” - a template for composing music in a melodic composition format {creating a melody first}, or an harmonic composition format {using chords and chord progressions}

✅ The Music Mentorship Map (a guide to help piano teachers and parents of piano students have an outline of what piano students should and could be learning year by year)

✅ Plus an overview and getting started explanation about the COOL SONGS Series 
Read this 5 Star Review by an Expert Piano Teacher!
" Jerald Simon is an expert at reaching teen students and connecting to them with the music they love. With his COOL SONGS Series, Jerald creates amazing orchestral backing tracks which are stunning! I know how much my students enjoy playing along with backing tracks! You'll love using these COOL SONGS with your students (and so will they)!"
Tim Topham 
Internationally-renowned music educator, piano teacher, writer and presenter. Founder of Top Music (
Inside each weekly piano lesson outline you will receive links to video lessons, scales to learn, chords to learn, music quotes, musicians to study, terminology to learn, piano teaching tips, piano parent pointers, suggestions, and updates on Jerald's weekly COOL SONGS he composes to motivate piano students the FUN way!

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MOTIVATE PIANO STUDENTS WITH MUSIC MOTIVATION® - Jerald Simon created his company, Music Motivation®, to motivate music students of all ages with “Cool music that excites, entertains, and educates”The three main areas of focus for Music Motivation® are Theory Therapy, Innovative Improvisation, and Creative CompositionJerald’s primary Music Motivation® mission is to: Create fun, original piano music that is cool, exciting, entertaining, and educational to help motivate and inspire piano students – especially during their teenage years. The theme for Music Motivation® is: “Let music motivate you!” The slogan for Music Motivation® is: "Cool music that excites, entertains, and educates!" Join thousands of piano teachers and tens of thousands of piano students world wide who use COOL SONGS in their daily piano lessons each week to learn the FUNdamentals of music theory (emphasis is on the word FUN).

Products/Services: Jerald composes COOL SONGS every week for piano students. You can learn more about his COOL SONGS at this link: - You can visit his main website at this link:

Target audience/market: Piano Teachers, Piano Students (primarily teens and adults)

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